Principal’s Message

What we value most is practical learning.

Since our foundation in 1983, Murakawa Gakuen has endeavored to develop professional chefs who can deliver a sense of fairness, delicious tastes, and value for money to customers. What we value most is practical learning. In the real world, we need to flexibly respond to any situation. Depending on our workplace or work environment, we are often required to do jobs that may not be in our area of expertise or respond to unfamiliar situations. To equip our graduates with the skills to act practically as chefs, we have introduced a system of daily practical skills lessons and a double license system that enables our students to obtain national qualifications in both cooking and confectionery.

I want our students to learn not only basic skills but also truly useful skills through our lessons on the selection of ingredients, facility management, café training, and so on. I hope our students build on the practical learning they have in our school to become chefs who can deliver a rich, pleasant time and space to customers.

Hideo Murakawa
Murakawa Gakuen